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Changing the way blockchains communicate.

FibSWAP DEx® is a multi-cross-chain decentralized exchange. Through the use of cross-chain communication between blockchains, the dex allows its users to swap native to native assets from one blockchain to another without having to trust a third party.

Our growing ecosystem provides the tools necessary for success.

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Amazing market charts with historical data provided to help investors evaluate current market conditions


Our Flagship product, FibSwap DEx allows users to swap any token cross-chain for native assets on the destination chain in seconds.


Always keep your tokens safe, secure and with you wherever you are

NFT Market

A unique collection of NFT's available from all of our supported blockchains


The new space on to bring together the collective ideas of our community, host AMA's and communicate information about our project.


The worlds first cross-chain NFT payment tool which can be integrated into any marketplace

Safety and security are our main priority

FibSwap DEX puts user security first. We are one of the fastest and safest Bridge Protocols in DeFi. Both our token and tech have been fully audited by Certik. We do not wrap or mint assets and therefore u sers can swap native assets cross-chain with instant guaranteed finality. We take pride in being completely decentralized.

We are innovating for the future, we are change makers

Building an industry changing platform is a tremendous task. The FibSwap team consists of passionate, hard working professionals based globally with years of experience. We believe each individual should control their data, personal information and money.

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